A + J | Hamilton, ON Wedding

There's just something about a summer wedding, isn't there? Especially an outdoor one on a beautiful, sunny, August day. The air is warm, the mood is light, and everyone is feeling a little more carefree and joyful than usual. This wedding was no exception. 

Small and intimate, this wedding of about 40 people was the perfect size and in the perfect location for the bride and groom. They chose a restaurant in Hamilton as their venue as that was the area that the bride grew up in. They wanted to choose some place that was meaningful to them as well as located by the water, and that's exactly what they found! The food was amazing, the bride and groom were glowing and the decor was perfection.

If you are leaning towards having a smaller wedding with mostly just immediate family and friends, all we have to say is "DO IT"! As you can see, the end result is simply amazing and the stress of the day is significantly cut down making it easier for you to enjoy your guests and focus on the most important aspect of the day; beginning a new chapter with the one person you love most in this world.